Introduction: Lindsey M Pushman

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida and I absolutely love it here. In my early years, I was very active teen. I enjoyed ballet, dance, cheerleading and my heart was with rodeo. I was very active in activities that involved being outside. As a Florida girl, I enjoyed the sun and would take any chance I had to be outside. Besides using store brand skincare I was never really introduced to a skincare line that I loved until I was introduced to Absolutely Natural in high school, my passion immediately changed. I knew that taking care of your skin was important especially in the Florida sun.

Shortly after high school, I continued my education at Brevard Community College. I graduated with my Associates of Arts in 2007. I then moved on to the University of Central Florida to gain my Bachelor’s Degree. I am currently still attending and working towards my degree. I plan to go even further with my education and receive my Master’s Degree.

I began working at Absolutely Natural in February 2005 starting out as our Customer Service Manager. Once I started interacting with our customers, I soon began to see how our 100% natural products changed their lives. It soon changed mine as well. Soon after working here, I knew my position here was very special. Charley started to notice my hard work ethic and my passion for this company. I then was promoted and was ready to further my career within this company. I am now the Vice President of Absolutely Natural.

Recently in the past two years, I was fortunate enough to be one of the developers of the Facials line. This was very thrilling for me as I have never been a part of such a process. The process took a little over a year and a half of research and development. After deciding on the formulas we then had several family members, friends, and several random people testing the product line. The formulas worked for every skin type and most of them noticed a difference in 1 week! We new we had a unique organic formula that was really going to change the lives of many. Shortly after, we chose the packing and the overall look of the product. Since I played an important role in this process, Charley came to me and wanted me to be the model for this skincare line. To be honest, I was scared and excited at the same time. Modeling was very different from what I have ever done before.

I feel well accomplished for my age and I look forward to the many accomplishes to come. I enjoy what I do and what our company stands for. It is very gratifying working with a great team and ultimately our loyal customers.

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