Introduction: Suzanne Clements

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hey all. I’m not really an *official* Absolutely Natural employee, but I think I squeak in on the grounds of “honorary” inclusion. I’m responsible for the creation and design of the materials, new labels, etc. and I work closely with the rest of the team on new project development (on the aesthetics side). Working with Absolutely Natural is a real luxury, everyone is friendly and enthusiastic - like a second family and I get to try out the new products as they come along.

My background is long and winding. Originally from the “Great White North” AKA Canada, I arrived in the US when I was just 3 years old. We moved around a great deal – Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Buffalo… finally landing in Melbourne, Florida (I got my US Citizenship along the way too). For a long time I dreamed of living near the beach. Living up north, the best I could hope for was maybe Lake Michigan (in my opinion the greatest of the Great Lakes), but happily my better half landed a job as a Psychology prof for a local college and voila! I am SO close to the ocean it’s a dream come true – and well, its tropical here and that’s the cherry on top.

I graduated from a fantastic state school with my BFA (SUNY Fredonia – if you’ve ever heard of it) dreaming of evenings spent hobnobbing at gallery openings, sipping wine and nibbling on fancy crackers and cheese. If you’re curious to take a peek at my fine art alter-ego hop online at: Bear in mind, that I’m on “sabbatical” for the time being…

These days, I find my passion in graphic and web design fulltime. I enjoy the challenge of print production and the “sky’s the limit” mentality of web design.

When I’m not working, and to be honest, that’s awfully rare, I prefer to take it easy and just enjoy what life brings my way. I’m super excited that this summer we get to vacation for the first time in four years (we are nothing if not frugal). We’re heading up north… and I mean “Up North” to Mincoqua, Wisconsin for a week. We have a cabin on a beautiful lake up there complete with a boat. I’m looking forward to swatting away the mosquitoes and black flies and just enjoying me some walleye sandwiches while sipping some lovely hard cider dock-side.

You can follow me on twitter (ninakatz), fickr (suzanne clements), and blip (ninakatz)

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