The Strongest Person I know

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who comes to mind when you think of one of the strongest persons you know? Mine happens to be my Mother. Mother’s around the world share common attributes and I am certain that strength is one of them. My Mom is a Mother of four and Grandmother to five. She has persevered through 34 years of raising children and still to this day is continuing her love for her children and grand children.

The love of a Mother never dies nor does the strength of a Mother. She has learned to stick it out when things get tough and to cherish the times of joy. Growing up with such a big family, my Mom had to give up most if not all of her time to be a Mother. And, played several other roles as well; wife, sister, coworker, and friend. Looking back, I think what a big sacrifice she made for all of us.

Mother’s across the world juggle so many roles in their lives and this Mother’s Day we should all recognize that. Take the time to appreciate Moms all over the world, whether it is your own Mother, a friend’s Mother, or if you’re a Mother yourself. It’s important to see the role they play in the life of their family.

To this day, I am not sure where or who I would be without my Mother. She has been and still is a big part of my life today. My Mom has given me strength and wisdom to conquer life’s biggest challenges and I look forward to the moments of being a Mother in the future.

To all of the Mothers out there, thank you for your everlasting love and support!

Love always,

Saying a Special Thank You to Mom...

Monday, April 18, 2011


We are no different than the rest of the world here at Absolutely Natural when it comes to Mother’s Day. Every year we attempt to put together a basket of products or a special gift to honor the women of the world who have the toughest job ever and every year, I always feel inadequate.

How can you properly “reward” someone who gave you life, nurtured you through childhood, sacrificed for your benefit and no matter how old you are, supports you through thick and thin? My Mom turns 86 this year and she is still the dynamo she was 60 years ago. Working hard, is nothing to her. Some days she'll tell me, “Oh, I have had such a lazy day. I cleaned the ceiling fans, washed the curtains and mopped the kitchen, but I haven’t got much else done.” She's busy morning, noon and night and she is definitely the one who gave me my work ethic. (Except for the whole washing curtains thing!)

She works on her home every day except on weekends when she goes to her job selling antiques at a little shop near her home in West Virginia. Mom was always a great sales person and I contend that if she had grown up in a different era and didn’t have the responsibility of rearing four kids while working full time, she would have had a great career and been heralded in the sales world. But, she instead dedicated her life to her kids and family and I certainly appreciate everything she did for me.

My wife is a great mom as well and she was willing to stay home and provide phenomenal opportunities for our children. I know they appreciate it and understand that she provided for them on a level that a lot of kids didn’t get … trips, work in schools, home cooked meals, arts and craft projects, sports, library visits, etc. And, even now that she has her own career (going to school for years and years and getting a Masters degree and LCSW!), she is still always there for them with sage advice, unconditional love and yes, home cooked meals.

So, we try to honor the fantastic Mom’s of the world by giving them something special on Mother’s Day. For those of you looking for something unique, I hope you take advantage of one or more of our four kits so your Mom can have not only a great Mother’s Day, but weeks of pampering afterwards.

Best regards,


Our Amazing Fans & Friends

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It is a rare thing to find a company that can truly inspire people and even more rare to have such accessibility to these same people. Every day, Charley personally answers the phones along with the rest of his staff. They answer emails, pop onto Facebook and welcome visitors to their Melbourne, Florida location. But what makes this most significant? They listen.

Absolutely Natural is the company they are today, in part, because of the impressive vision, passion and personality of Charley and his staff. But, what inspire them every day are their fans and friends who share their experiences, ideas and accolades. I can still remember one of my first meetings with them. They handed me a full stack of printed testimonials and were able to recite numerous stories by heart. They know life-long clients by name and can tell you details about their families and careers. No joke.

It is this same group of people, their fans and friends, who are now showing their support for such a great cause, raising nearly $900 as of today! In helping sea turtles survive, we help other sea creatures as well. This recent push to have our friends and fans show their support on Facebook has been inspiring to us and we’re so close to reaching our goal and then some.

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for making it all possible. You are a critical part of what makes Absolutely Natural such an amazing company. We are looking forward to more fun projects to come, but for now… thank you and ONWARD!

Our New Diggs

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sometimes I have to blink twice when I pull up our new Absolutely Natural web site that debuted March 21.It’s a little hard for me to believe that it really is ours. It is so upscale, professional, beautiful, efficient, exciting (some adjectives are mine and some from our customers) … it is mind-boggling! A big congratulations and even bigger thank you goes to Suzanne Clements, her team and Lindsey Pushman.

Suzanne, as most of you know, is our award winning graphic artist who designed the site while Lindsey is my VP. Together they worked diligently to develop and refine the “look,” content, flow and so much more. They invested hours researching and plotting the site and the result couldn’t have pleased me more.

More to come

We have big plans for more site improvements as well as online events (Fan Friday has been on of our most recent additions). Beyond the website they’ve been spearheading our Facebook page development which has gone from a small but mighty 250 friends to more than 1600 in fewer than three months. Again, great job ladies!

Looking back

For those of you that have been with us for years, you must share my awe in the quality of the site because you probably remember our first attempt. It was in the mid-1990’s and the first site was a colorful, jumbled mess packed full of more copy than a Sunday edition of the New York Times. Short on pictures, devoid of conveniences and minus a shopping cart, what we lacked in style we attempted to make up with copy … copious quantities of text and a few charts. Oh and you can’t leave out: bad pictures of the product.

Enter Suzanne several years ago who promptly redid the site and improved it 500%. I thought we would never top that but here we are!

The new site has increased our traffic, increased our sales and allows us to communicate better with our clients. It is still a work in progress and please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments on our new site. We’ve already implemented a number of customer suggestions into the new layout.

I’m so excited with the results of this venture that we are going to redo several of our sites, brochures and other collateral materials. Look for more improvements and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards