Alternative Uses...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Throughout the years, I have heard from many customers who are innovative in their use of our products. Ever think of using our Pure Aloe with tea tree oil as a hair pomade? One of our salesmen in Hawaii has been doing this for years!

Our famous Rosehip Aloe has many uses and most prevalently as a shaving lotion. I've tried it and it does provide a great shave. Wash your face (I'm talking to men, of course) with our Facial Cleanser or Shower Gel and rinse with warm water. Lay the Rosehip Aloe on and let it soak on your face for about a minute. Then shave as you normally would. Expect an unbelievable close and comfortable shave and soft, smooth skin.

One of the more interesting alternative uses came from one of our long time female customers who uses our Tattoo Stay Nu serum as an under eye serum at night. She swears that it works much better than her old $75/oz crème.

For me, we have two products that are by far the most versatile in our line. Our Pure Aloe can be used on insect bites, for shaving irritation, sunburn, kitchen burns and is actually used at Emerson Hospital on radiation patients. I know a lot of our customers keep bottle at home, work and on the boat.

The king of versatility is our Organic Oil. It is an excellent hydrator, great massage oil, and superb bath oil. It is chock full of antioxidants, free radical scavengers, and ant-aging compounds. You can use it as a body oil, under the eyes at night and it is great for a deep conditioning hair treatment. We also have heard from some women who use it as a leave in conditioner as well.

We want to hear from you! What interesting ways have you used our fabulous Absolutely Natural?