Our ENVY Organics/FHTM Family Reunion

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I just came back from a huge family reunion.

Great company; lively conversation; bright, enthusiastic family members; and more love than you can fit into a million square feet of convention space. Oh, and while I was not technically related to anybody at the event how else can I describe last week’s FHTM Convention in Orlando, Florida?

All of my staff feels the same way and we love coming to any FHTM event. The Orlando Convention was especially rewarding as I got to talk to hundreds of people one-on-one and was privileged to introduce the latest additions to the Envy Organics product line.

It is particularly gratifying to hear the numerous stories of success people have had with the Envy product line. One gentleman had burned his arm badly and got relief from our Pure Aloe Gel and healing from the aloe and the cream. Another man proudly showed me his new hair growth resulting from using our sulfate free shampoos!

I had glowing reports from several members who have had great improvement with their eczema and psoriasis from daily use of our incredible lotions. And, countless who swore their hair looked better than it ever had using our personal care regiment.

But overwhelmingly I heard stories about improved skin after using our Organic Crème and Organic Oil and diminished wrinkles with use of the Day Serum, Night Serum and Eye Serum. I was really impressed with the results people are getting from the facial line. Of course, not only did I “hear” the stories, I witnessed the results.

My “family” is doing well and I’ll take as much credit as you want to give me for younger looking, more healthy, vibrant skin and hair!! We put our heart and soul into the Envy products and love hearing about and seeing the results.

Now the family was really excited about our new products. My favorite product (among the 300 or so we make) is the whipped coco-lime butter. It is magnificent for really dry skin and will be especially effective in the dry, cold winters. We also had a lot of excitement about the new Menvy line and I look forward to hearing from some of our gentlemen after they use the shower gel, shave cream and after-shave splash.

I have already heard positive feedback on our new shampoos and conditioners as we now offer a color treated product and a super hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Along with the Papaya Pineapple, there is now a wider selection for different hair types. All are Sulfate and Paraben-free, of course, while the color treated benefits additionally from sun-protection.

It was a blast introducing the other new products and your excitement was contagious. Our new insect repellant will be a great addition for you as will our coco-lime refreshing aloe mist. I keep one in my car as every year it seems I can drive less and less until I get “highway paralysis”. A nice blast of the mist brings me right back around.

On a personal note, I enjoyed the breakout sessions; you really know how to make someone feel welcome and I was energized after each of the presentations. And, I want to thank all of the FHTM corporate for making us part of the family and for building such a positive company.

This was a great family reunion; the only thing missing was my crazy Uncle Skeeter! We are looking forward to the next one.