True Testimonials...

Monday, September 27, 2010


Before I founded Absolutely Natural in 1992, I spent 20 years selling and distributing other, nationally recognized brands of suncare – brands you would be familiar with. In all those years, I only got a handful of people writing to relay to us how much they liked the product. They wouldn’t fill a shoe box.

The above fact makes what has happened with Absolutely Natural even more remarkable. Throughout the last two decades, we have received thousands of positive letters from our happy clients extolling the merits of our products.

They often start like this, “Every time I use the Rosehip Aloe it reminds me of Maui (or Mexico, or the Caribbean, or any other of our worldwide destinations).” We have hundreds of those.

You Saved My Vacation
I really appreciate the ones where we have helped people. “You saved my vacation” is a frequent theme where someone got too much sun and our aloes saved the day. I got one from a women who started, “We were 10 minutes from leaving for the hospital when we talked to your skin care consultant.” We’ve had others who have shared with us that they were “never able to enjoy the outdoors until finding Absolutely Natural.”

We have drawers full of letters from people who have improved their skin, their hair and their love life because of our all-natural cosmetic formulas. “My husband and I feel like we’re back in Cancun every time we use the Organic Oil. We trade back rubs several times a week now.” This was one happy woman!

Dear Charley, I have tears in my eyes as I write this…
My favorite one started like this, “Dear Charley, I have tears in my eyes as I write this …” It was about her daughter who had such terrible acne that she was severely depressed and basically sat in her room avoiding contact with the outside world. She actually had trouble attending school. We worked with her step by step with our incredible facials products. She started seeing improvement within days - and sticking to the program made a significant improvement on her complexion. The letter went on, “… thanks to you and your products, my daughter is a new person. Happy, outgoing and successful. You have a friend and customer for life.” That was two years ago and she still talks to us frequently.

I love hearing from our customers and the favorite part of my day is reading our testimonials. Keep them coming!

Best regards,


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Practically the entire Absolutely Natural team just returned from a harried, hectic, incredibly busy, incredibly productive and all around fantastic convention in Lexington, Kentucky where we introduced a new line of products to several thousand people. The new line is a private label called Envy Organics.

Joining me were Lindsey Pushman, Todd Anderson, Danny Richards, Bob Hamner and Suzanne Clements. We worked as a team demonstrating and explaining the benefits of the new line on thousands of attendees. It was amazing to see our booth swamped 5-10 people deep. As one group moved onto the event store, another group filled in right behind to learn about the new line.

Lindsey and Suzanne were eventually moved to the event store to help answer questions and explain the new line to those who may have missed our booth. In these three days, I saw the most frenzied buying that I have ever witnessed this side of a 75% off shoe sale at Macy’s New York store!

We, aka the “Envy Team”, became quite recognizable over these three days and we truly enjoyed meeting this new group, taking their questions and getting to hear what made them so excited about this new line.

One of the most frequently asked questions directed to me was, How was it that I am so passionate about Absolutely Natural? I think a few of them silently added, Especially for your age!

That’s the easiest question I’ve ever had asked of me. There are so many reasons I love my job and my company. One of the biggest reasons is the young people that work with me. I feed off their enthusiasm and energy. The average age of our employees in our Melbourne office and factory is 27 years old. They are passionate, eager to learn and have great, innovative ideas. It’s infectious and one of the reasons the company is growing so quickly.

Another reason is our products and how they help people. It is a joy to answer the phone and talk with our sales personnel across the world. They almost always are calling to tell yet another story about how our sunscreens or aloes saved someone’s vacation.

Being able to develop unique formulas working with only the best raw materials and the most gifted formulators and cosmetic chemists definitely heightens the passion. I could never sell something I don’t believe in and am product to sell our world class products.

The biggest reason, of course, is the customers. For almost 20 years now we have had a special relationship with our clients. There are some that I know well. Maureen from Virginia; Karla from Chicago; Shan from Nebraska; John and Jamie from Oklahoma; Hillary from New York and I could go on and on. I’ve talked to customers and recommended products for them after their babies were born … those “babies” are now in college.

There are always problems / challenges running a small business but there are so many things to be passionate about.