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Monday, April 18, 2011


We are no different than the rest of the world here at Absolutely Natural when it comes to Mother’s Day. Every year we attempt to put together a basket of products or a special gift to honor the women of the world who have the toughest job ever and every year, I always feel inadequate.

How can you properly “reward” someone who gave you life, nurtured you through childhood, sacrificed for your benefit and no matter how old you are, supports you through thick and thin? My Mom turns 86 this year and she is still the dynamo she was 60 years ago. Working hard, is nothing to her. Some days she'll tell me, “Oh, I have had such a lazy day. I cleaned the ceiling fans, washed the curtains and mopped the kitchen, but I haven’t got much else done.” She's busy morning, noon and night and she is definitely the one who gave me my work ethic. (Except for the whole washing curtains thing!)

She works on her home every day except on weekends when she goes to her job selling antiques at a little shop near her home in West Virginia. Mom was always a great sales person and I contend that if she had grown up in a different era and didn’t have the responsibility of rearing four kids while working full time, she would have had a great career and been heralded in the sales world. But, she instead dedicated her life to her kids and family and I certainly appreciate everything she did for me.

My wife is a great mom as well and she was willing to stay home and provide phenomenal opportunities for our children. I know they appreciate it and understand that she provided for them on a level that a lot of kids didn’t get … trips, work in schools, home cooked meals, arts and craft projects, sports, library visits, etc. And, even now that she has her own career (going to school for years and years and getting a Masters degree and LCSW!), she is still always there for them with sage advice, unconditional love and yes, home cooked meals.

So, we try to honor the fantastic Mom’s of the world by giving them something special on Mother’s Day. For those of you looking for something unique, I hope you take advantage of one or more of our four kits so your Mom can have not only a great Mother’s Day, but weeks of pampering afterwards.

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Kristen Sapp said...

There is nothing that fills a Mom's heart more than to know her son appreciates her. You are an awesome son to an awesome Mom, Charley!

And Kelly is very lucky to have a man who recognizes what a great contribution & commitment to her family she has made.

May both of them have a wonderful Mother's Day. You have already given them the BEST gift!

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