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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Congratulations! You have survived one of the craziest, coldest, snowiest, wettest and l o n g e s t winters in recent memory. It is relatively safe to start thinking of this spring and wishing for this summer.

As you get your houses, cars and wardrobes ready for the more hospitable weather, add a couple of things to the list: your skin and your psyche!

Of course, that means turning to Absolutely Natural and our incredible array of skin products and wonderful aroma therapy oils for help.

How about a quick trip to the tropics (mentally at least)?
Step 1: Rid Yourself of Winter Skin
Start with either our sugar or salt body scrub to slough away the winter blues and prep for spring and summer. You’ll reveal touchably soft, glowing skin hydrated and ready to play center stage.

Step 2: Pamper & Indulge
Pamper yourself in a long hot shower with our sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and body wash following up with our nutrient rich lotion. The fruit essence fragrance will take you right to the beach.

Step 3: Fight Persistent Dry Winter Air
For those stubborn areas of winter skin that persist (probably be cause you STILL have the furnace running despite it nearly being April!) quench it with our shea body butters. Available in a variety of natural aromas, if you wish to go tropical pick our classic Mango Body Butter or our Papaya Pineapple.

Step 4: Prep your Pucker
Give your lips a nourishing kiss of the tropics. Toss aside your waxy lip balm and instead use one of our all-natural lip moist therapies. Tropical flavors include Mango and Papaya Pineapple.

Essential Oils & Aroma Therapy:
One of the most popular features of our Absolutely Natural store on Kauai is our oil bar. In Hawaii, our knowledgeable staff assists customers in creating their own custom blends starting with our base oil of fractionated coconut and adding only the finest essential oils to create a tailor-made, distinct fragrance. The final result is oil great for massage, excellent as a super hydrator and skin conditioner, and makes a fantastic oil to add to any hydrotherapy session.

While, we can’t currently custom blend fragrances on our website, we have come up with seven brilliant blends as follows:

• Serenity: Balsam, Tangerine and Ylang-Ylang

Sensual: Mandarin and Vanilla

West Indian: Bay Rum and Allspice

Herbaceous: Patchouli, Vetiver and Juniper Berry

Refreshing: Ruby Grapefruit and Tangerine

Energizing: Rosemary Mint

Enchantment: Jasmine and Neroil

These oils come in 10ml glass bottles and sell for $18-$22, far below market rate for such pure oils. Put a drop or two in a bath or enjoy them in a diffuser or reed diffuser. The aromatherapy “session” is designed to heighten the senses and relax the mind.

Pair one of the blends with our unfragranced oil and enjoy the experience after your “treatment” while using the oil in your daily regimen. You control the amount of fragrance that is right for you.

So, here’s to spring eternal and a nice, long, sunny summer.

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