Winter Brings Harsh Challenge to Your Skin

Monday, December 13, 2010


Brrrrrr! Winter is here in all its fury and as many of you know, that can be bad news for your skin.

With the cold, dry, dry air and wind, (not to mention the harshly dry heat pushed out by your furnace) it can seem impossible to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Before you know it, your skin is itchy, scaly, parched, peeling and sometimes, even cracking. Ouch!

This dry skin can appear everywhere from your hands (which get worse in the winter with our frequent hand washing in flu season), to your elbows, feet, knees and all the way to your face, neck, lips… you name it.

Good news!
However you suffer from dry skin, we have a solution, so long as you are diligent in your regimen. Here’s some guidance…

Shea Butter:
Get deep intensive treatment for cracked hands, elbows and the heels of your feet. Generously apply the Shea a couple of times a day and within a week or so, you will notice a significant improvement. For bad trouble spots such as hands and feet, we recommend a thick application before bed, cover up with socks/gloves to provide the best therapy.

Organic Beauty Oil:
Apply this daily immediately following your shower or bath to lock in moisture. Our organic blend works excellently as a super hydrator plus you get all the benefits of the antioxidants.

Organic Spa Series Bath and Body Oil:
A great trick with these oils is to apply them while you’re still in the shower. Pump into palms and massage into your skin evenly. Rinse briefly to help the oil cover your skin more evenly. Step out, towel off and you’re ready to go! No chilly, post-shower lotion or oil application needed!

Sugar Scrubs:
One of the newest items we rolled out with our Organic Spa Series are our body scrubs. Sugar scrubs are naturally gentle and won’t irritate skin. Gently massage over your trouble spots… you’ll find as the sugar rinses away, the butters and oils in our formulas provide deeply soothing hydration. Massage and rinse… towel dry and you’re ready to go!

Sulfate-free Body Wash and Shampoos:
Commercial formulas are loaded with synthetic fragrances and sulfates, which can dry and irritate your skin. Using our Sulfate-free formulas is far gentler on skin and avoids stripping vital nutrients.

Lip Moists:
Chapped lips are the worst! Soothe your lips with a nutrient-rich lip butter in any of our 4 varieties. Reapply as needed, the little lip moist pot will slip easily into your pocket or purse.

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