Introduction: Todd Anderson

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am the National Sales Director for Absolutely Natural and couldn’t be more proud to represent our product line and be part of our Team! Unlike typical skincare companies, creating multi-million dollar ad campaigns, exaggerating benefits or compromising on our ingredients are things we will never do and part of why I am so committed to our company. It is very rewarding and comforting to offer products that deliver so much benefit to people and compare so positively to those typically found in the marketplace.

Prior to joining Absolutely Natural, I served as Vice President of SportsCare USA, a national marketing firm. I joined SportsCare due to my passion for “prevention first” with regard to health and the pursuit of achieving optimal vitality through lifestyle choices. I helped SportsCare pioneer the mainstream acceptance of the “Wellness” philosophy by hospitals & their communities, leading market development in Florida, Hawaii, Texas and many other locations during a 12 year career. I helped coordinate the 2nd official Ironman event in the mainland United States along with dozens of other sporting events across the country.

I’ve known Charley for almost 20 years and have always had great respect for him as an entrepreneur and person of great character. It is his leadership, plus personal life-changing results with our products that help me generate effortless and genuine passion for our company & products. After spending nearly a decade suffering atopic dermatitis symptoms under the direction/treatment of physicians and being prescribed a continuous cycle of topical steroid treatments, antibiotics and other medications, I have been nearly symptom free for several years and attribute the primary factor being daily use of Absolutely Natural’s products that keep my skin’s health in optimal condition.

I am married to my beautiful wife Candace and the father of two wonderful children, Jessica & Jake. My career has taken me across Florida, Hawaii and Texas with much travel in between. We are most grateful to be settled back in my high school hometown of Melbourne, FL and closer to much of our family. On Saturdays in the fall you will find me cheering on my alma mater, the University of Florida Football Team…Go Gators!!!

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