Happy Father's Day, Dad

Friday, June 15, 2012

For those of us lucky enough to have one of “those Father’s”, this coming weekend is a very important day. Father’s Day is June 17th and it is a great time to reflect on what your dad means or has meant to you.

My dad passed away in 2000 and I miss him dearly especially on his birthday and Father’s Day. And my birthday and Christmas that he so loved. Oh, also on Thanksgiving. And, on days that I think about his sacrifices for his kids and family. 

My dad was one of “those Father’s” that spent hours and hours supervising sports teams, traveling for great distances to watch me wrestle, putting countless time into what my siblings and I needed and making sure we were taken care of.
My dad would wear his shoes long after they were worn out so we could have better and wouldn’t think of vacations or golfing or spending any money on himself. My dad was one of “those Father’s”.

Fortunately, my dad lived to see the start and expansion of Absolutely Natural and was so proud of me.  He was one of “those Father’s” that when you asked him how his kids were doing, he gave you the anti-Reader’s Digest version!

One of my fondest memories is him using my products. Growing up, I never saw my dad use anything beyond shaving cream, deodorant and Old Spice After Shave but he became a product aficionado during the last years of his life. 

He loved the Rosehip Aloe and various oils, crèmes, butters and other products that we manufactured. When we would get together (too infrequently), after making me feel the muscles in his still stout biceps, he would point out his soft skin and say, “Not too bad for ____ (fill in the birthday!)

So even though our customer base is mainly the fairer sex, we have thousands of men enjoying the benefits of our 100% natural products on a daily basis. Our products make a great gift for Father’s Day and believe me when I guarantee you will love giving them to him as much as he will love getting them.

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