We want to welcome a new employee to our ranks....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


... Lindsey Barber will be joining us on June 6th.

This is a bit tongue in cheek as Lindsey has been with us for six years, but when she reports to work on the above mentioned date, it will be her first day as Mrs. Brian Barber. Lindsey was married on May 28th and my wife and I were honored to be among the attendees.

A lot of you know Lindsey well and you have quite possibly talked to her. She has been the backbone of our customer service department since 2005 starting out as a 17 year old high school senior in the mail order department. In the years that followed, she excelled at that position all the while attending college full time and earning her AA.

In 2008, she was promoted and took over the bookkeeping duties as well as many other functions. She still supervised the mail order room and was instrumental in new product development as well. And, she worked on her bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida which she attained in December of 2010.

Lindsey is now the Vice President for Absolutely Natural, Inc. and has been a key player in the growth AN has realized since 2008. Typical of Lindsey, a full time, very demanding job is not enough of a challenge for her and she is entering a master’s program this fall.

Actually, many of you have seen her and may not have known it. Lindsey graces the cover of our facials brochure and is also featured on collateral material at our stores in Kauai.

All of us at Absolutely Natural want to congratulate Lindsey and Brian and wish them health, happiness and prosperity during a long and fruitful marriage.

Best regards,


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