Scientific SPF Biodegradability Study

Friday, January 14, 2011


Where it all started...
Recently we initiated a study of our SPFs to find out just how biodegradable they actually are. As you may know, many chemical sunscreens have been blamed for the decimation of our ocean's precious coral reefs. It has been thought that the chemicals in these unnatural SPF's encourage viral infections among the coral reef colonies. We wanted to see how our SPF's stacked up.

The Results...
This study, performed by the Florida Institute of Technology, started this past April and used the "closed bottle" method. We were thrilled by the results - to quote the study "the test substance was found to be easily biodegradable"

What this means...
Our SPF 4 was selected by our researcher because it contains the highest amount organic materials and would biodegrade slower than our other SPF's (8, 15, 25). According to our researcher, most likely, the product in a real-world environment (rather than a sterile "closed bottle") our product would biodegrade even more quickly.

We're proud to not only offer a much safer, chemical-free product, but to be able to tout the lotion's ability to biodegrade quickly just makes a great thing even better.

You can view the study at:

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