SPF’s Impact on the Environment

Thursday, August 26, 2010


It is estimated that every year 8000 tons of chemicals are deposited on our precious ocean coral reef to disastrous results. These chemicals are choking the life out of our reefs and no one dares to predict what will happen if they die out.

The culprits are not only chemical factories spewing run off into our oceans, greenhouse gases and cruise ships dumping waste. The damaging chemicals come from millions of people innocently playing in the oceans while wearing chemical sunscreens.

The main offenders from these perfectly legal and highly marketed sunscreens are the chemicals used for the sunscreen factor, emulsifiers and preservatives. Some of these ingredients can take months to biodegrade all the while causing damage.

High SPFs Are They For Real?
Let’s take SPF 100 as an example. Technically that would mean that a sunscreen at that level would give you 100 times more protection than wearing no sunscreen. So, if it takes you 20 minutes in the sun before you start to redden, this means, in theory you could enjoy the sun without consequence for 2000 minutes! Ridiculous! The serious issue is that people are exposing themselves to potentially toxic levels of chemicals when they fall for the marketing hype that leads them to believe you need such high SPF numbers.

Most reasonable researchers agree that an SPF 15 is a maximum sunscreen and that anything over an SPF 30 is unnecessary. Because our natural sunscreens reflect UV instead of absorbing it the way chemical sunscreens do, our all-natural higher SPF’s are more than sufficient for all levels of UV exposure.

Absolutely Natural’s SPF and the Environment
Recently, we funded a study done by Dr. Joel Olson from the prestigious Florida Institute of Technology. We are still evaluating Dr. Olson’s findings but one of the outstanding discoveries that came from this study is that Absolutely Natural sunscreens are 80% biodegraded within two weeks. Of course, there are no chemicals in the formulas and there is no adverse effect to our waters or our coral reefs.

Since 1992, we have been on the cutting edge of working with naturals and organics … better for your skin, your health and the future for our children.

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