Absolutely Natural Welcomes Kroma as Marketing Partner

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Absolutely Natural has entered into an agreement with KROMA Makeup Studio to cross promote our 100% natural sun care, skin care, personal care and spa products with their fabulous 100% natural make up line.

When I was first introduced to founder Lee Tillett and her husband and co-owner Chris Tillett, I was immediately impressed with their business philosophies and especially their insistence on using only the finest raw materials in the production of their very broad makeup line. They share the same dedication to quality and customer service that we have lived by for almost 20 years.

Lee is a renown makeup artist who has honed her craft for more than 22 years and started KROMA in 1999 when nothing on the market achieved her incredibly high standards. Just as we do, she buys only the finest grade raw materials and then hand crafts the various bronzers, blushes, powders, eye shadows, mascara, lip products and more.

Another exciting factor to me was both Lee and Chris share our "educated consumer" philosophy. While it seems most companies dealing with our respective products would rather keep people in the dark about what is really in their lines, KROMA has a great education program touting both the features and benefits of the product while teaching the end user how to properly use their line. Just like our famous 3-P's program for our sun care.

Recently Lindsey Pushman, the "face" of our facials' line (literally and figuratively!) and I went to the KROMA studio in Maitland Florida where Lindsey got a consult from Lee. It was very informative and here are Lindsey's thoughts on the program,
"I was excited to take part in the visit to the KROMA studio with Charley because I am a huge fan of high quality ingredients. My first impression of Lee was that she was very knowledgeable about her products, passionate about her company and she loved making people feel beautiful. During my brief make up session, Lee blended custom colors to fit my unique skin tone, discussed the benefits of each product and demonstrated how to properly apply the make up. I immediately was impressed by the quality and feel of the make up. I could distinguish the difference between KROMA's make up and the other leading brands I have tried. The session was informative and Lee made me feel beautiful."
-Lindsey Pushman
For all of our Central Florida customers, KROMA is stocking a full line of our sun care, facials, organics, personal care and spa products. They can be reached at 407-622-1086 for directions or visit them online at www.kromamakeup.com

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