Suzanne Clements Star of Space Coast Addy Awards

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Movies have their Oscar. Television has the Emmy. Music the Grammy.

Have you heard of the Addy? It is the reward given to people of the advertising and marketing industries. Maybe not as well known as the big three above but equally important to the 100's of thousands in the industry and the millions of people who are educated, informed, entertained and encouraged to buy products from the business owners who benefit from their creativity. Like Absolutely Natural.

I was privileged to attend the 2010 AAF Space Coast Addy Awards last night at the Melbourne Beach Hilton in Melbourne Florida. Our design artist (and so much more!) cleaned up. Suzanne Clements, who has her fingerprint on just about everything we have done the past two years, picked up six gold medals, 5 silver medals and the Best of Show Award in Electronics for a web site she did!

Suzanne is the one woman dynamo (doing business as Suzanne Clements Graphic Design, LLC)who has revamped our web site, created our brochures, collateral material, posters, logos, new packaging design, mail outs and more.

Five of Suzanne's medals came from Absolutely Natural entries. We won gold for packaging (facials sample pack), brochures (our new sun care brochure) and catalog (our spa wholesale catalog). We were awarded silver medals in packaging (our new Organic bottles) and for our 2009 year end mailer. What an outstanding job.

Suzanne also won gold medals for her web site work with a Sea Turtle book, a catalog for the same project and her website work with Makoto's restaurant.

The evening was exciting, the crowd large and prestigious and the event was very well done including a hilarious ongoing video skit by one of the anchors of Chanel 6 News.

But the highlight, of course, was the win after win announced for Suzanne, who was absolutely shocked by all the accolades. I wasn't surprised at all but I have to admit I relished in every moment that our brochures, catalogs, bottles etc were flashed on the screen with "Gold Medal" beside them! Suzanne was the star of the show and we are lucky to have her. Well done, Suzanne!

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Lou Belcher said...


Congratulations to Suzanne and to Absolutely Natural on the awards. Great job!

And congrats to you for the blog post. Looking forward to reading more of them.


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