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Thursday, October 29, 2009


You know the old adage ... do as I say; not as I do.

Obviously I have driven my two sons crazy with that over the years, but now I am telling all the thousands and thousands of people I have trained on the proper way to take care of your skin in the sun and all the tens of thousands of customers over 18 years, the same thing. Do as I say!

I, Charley Richards, owner of Absolutely Natural Sun care (the world's best), got a bad sunburn recently on my face, neck and shoulders. Of course, I have taken a merciless ribbing from just about everyone that knows me with copious offers to "sell me some sunscreen" etc etc. All well deserved.

Circumstances were understandable (at least to me). An enjoyable outing on the boat; I thought she had the sunscreen, she thought he had it, he thought she had it and she was sure I had it. No sunscreen.

The point to this besides a living definition/example of "irony", is a certifiable, testimonial on how incredible our Absolutely Natural aloes are. By Sunday afternoon at 4pm, my face was a glowing red that would put Rudolph's famous nose to shame. The heat coming off me could be felt several inches away from my face. Uncomfortable, of course, but the potential embarrassment was worse. You see, I had a presentation to do in front of a few dozen business leaders gathered in Melbourne from across the Southeast. How much credibility would I have if my face were still in this condition when speech time came around?

Desperate, I turned to the aloes. I applied (smeared) the Pure Aloe w/ Tea Tree on all affected areas and let it sit until it went into the skin. Then I applied (coated) the Rosehip Aloe lotion on immediately afterwards. I repeated this dozens of times over the nexttwo days.

Immediately the heat left my face and other areas. And, slowly, the red turned to my version of brown (as a red head of Irish descent, my "tan" is sort of a reddish one to begin with). By Tuesday morning (fewer than 48 hours after my folly), I looked healthy and my version of "tan" instead of like someone who needed to go to the emergency room.

I DO NOT suggest you try this at home as I am a professional (yea, a professional that doesn't bring sunscreen on a boat outing in Florida!).

At any rate, I always try turning a negative into a positive and thus the story of the face saving aloes (double entendre intended) .

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Unknown said...

The "she" in question is responding to this post. It was definetly his responsibility to bring the sunscreen. I packed the towels, plates, napkins, cups, AND the picnic lunch. Is it too much to ask that HE bring the sunscreen? LOL By the way, I also got sunburned. I am fair skinned, blonde hair and blue eyes. It's amazing how wonderful it works when you use it. Love you honey. "She" aka Kelly Richards.

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