Vacation in the "North Woods"

Monday, August 3, 2009


Recently my better half and I took a trip waaay up north into the “Northern Woods” of Wisconsin. It’s a favorite vacation spot, among family, and as I’ve found, also among Floridians as well. Several friends down here frequent the glassy cool waters of Northern Wisconsin come summer. Just mentioning such towns as Rhinelander, Eagle River, Minocqua, and Woodruff can result in a manic reply of “Did you just say…!?” From there an excited and often frenzied conversation commences covering all subjects from the entomological pests, to our favorite restaurants, fishing spots, and lakes.

Now, I live in paradise, so you’d think, why in the world would you LEAVE Florida for vacation? To be honest, when we first moved here several years ago I thought the same thing. Nothing, however, can compare to the lake. It can be all at once, quiet, still, and peaceful… then hop into your boat and you’re zipping around the lake at breakneck speed.


Paul Bunyan's Camp Style Shanty
This food isn't going to beat mom's, but you can't beat the kitch. All you can eat, camp-style dining is tough to beat with the family. Don't miss breakfast, their homemade donuts are delish!

Lakeside (on Lake Tomahawk):
Boat up or drive up, you choose. Delicious Walleye (all you can eat on Friday's), yummy pitas and among the best deep-fried cheese curds in town.
Otto's (downtown):
I have been dreaming of their classic brats for 4 years now. It was worth the wait. Grilled, outside the casing, these brats are hard to beat... even better with a cold hard cider.
Minocqua Brewing Company (just outside downtown):
Known for hosting the annual beer festival, they also serve some excellent savory temptations. For appetizers I absolutely recommend the Bavarian pretzel & beer/cheese dip.

I can’t believe how many times, driving through town, I looked at a lake or pond and wondered “How many gators live in there?” Funny. When we first moved here, I evaluated turns and hills as “potentially dangerous” come winter. Ahh we bring home with us wherever we go don’t we?

I could go on and on about vacation, but I think I’d rather share some pics instead
(the road our cabin is on, Patrick and I on the Dock, the cabin):

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