My trip to the Cayman Islands

Monday, August 31, 2009

In the past week, I was fortunate enough to travel to Grand Cayman, the largest island in the Cayman Islands. It was everything I expected and more. The local restaurants, pubs and shops reminded me a little of back home. Considering the island is only 22 miles long and 8 miles across at its widest point, it was almost the size of my home town!

My trip consisted of snorkeling, horse back riding and just relaxing by the pool. The Cayman Islands are known for there beautiful reefs… so I knew the top thing on my list was snorkeling! We snorkeled along the very popular seven mile beach and then traveled across town to Rum Point. Both were great for snorkeling but if your interested in diving… the locals recommended Bonnie’s Arch and Doc Polson Wreck which is a sunken ship wreck.

Another highlight in my trip was the horse back riding. We rode the horses along West Bay. This was great because we were able to run the horses, walk them in the water and through trails. The horses were very well trained and were not hard to handle what so ever. I would strongly recommend doing this if you want some adventure!

One of my favorite things to when I am traveling is to eat at the most popular pubs. We dined at Aqua Beach, Reef Grill and Coconut Joes. These were the places we found to be the most fun. Aqua Beach has a live band and great drink specials. Reef Grill is right on the water so I would recommend eating dinner at sunset because the view is amazing! Coconut Joes is similar to Aqua Beach… the food is great and it’s a perfect place to loosen up and enjoy the weather. Which ever one you choose you will not be disappointed!

For romantic dinners I would recommend the Luca. It’s located in the Caribbean Club and you can enjoy your dinner seaside. I would recommend having the Seafood Fettuccine or Pumpkin Ravioli. They have a very large menu so you would sure find something you love. Don’t forget to make your reservation at sunset!

If you are looking for a hotel or condo for your vacation, I would recommend staying at one on the seven mile beach. The beaches there are beautiful and very clean. The water is very calm on that side of the island so it’s great for water sports.

Here are a few pictures of our hotel view, dinner at the Luca and horse back riding:

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